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Est. 2007

Harrison, Idaho

Welcome to our website!

We hand craft fruit wines, not from grapes but from blackberries, raspberries, elderberries and more, from regional sources.  These are not dessert wines, which are typically sweet.  They are well-balanced, medium dry wines. The palette perception is like eating fresh fruit, lightly sprinkled with sugar.  They're wonderful social wines from Old Country wine recipes. Enjoy with a meal, with crackers and cheese, or by themselves.

We started making wine at home over 18 years ago. We felt it would be fun to use the local fruits for wine making. The wonderful nuances that came from the fruits were quite rewarding, they were more so than just alcoholic juice. When we had 13 carboys crammed in the kitchen pantry, aging various wines, our friends suggested we offer our wines commercially. It's the start of our dream, that has grown every year since.

Come visit us at our wine tasting room for an enjoyable afternoon.

102 N. Coeur d'Alene Ave, (Hwy 97), Harrison, ID.

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Love to our family and friends that made all this possible!

Jim and Julie Sheppard