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Huckleberry Wine Feb. 2018

Jim Sheppard  Feb 3, 2018

We are getting ready to bottle this beauty.

I really like this one.  Going to have to look up the laws on how much of this wine I can take for personal use! 

It hurts to not be on board with your customers when it comes to preference.  I like Huckleberry Wine just fine, but it has never been my favorite.  It's the most popular fruit in the Northwest, but I would choose any of my other wines before this one, on a hot summer day, or relaxing on a cold winter evening with a little bite.  The character was always a little flat, nuances lay hidden or remote.

Hello Huck 2/18.  Where have you been all my life?  Fruity with deep, rich Huckleberry character, and grape wine nuances of Plum and Citrus.  Draw some air over a small amout of this wine in your mouth, making bubbles, then swallow.  Or chew the wine.  Mmm.  There it is.  This one really pops and is quite remarkable.  Time will tell if it will unseat my favorite, Elderberry Wine.

Production of Huckleberry Wine is not going to stop this year.  When one ferment is complete, it's time to start another one.  We are constantly sold out and leaving our customers dry, usually at the peak of the season.  We have the fruit, why wait?  Not this year.  Hopefully this strategy will pay off, and the other flavors won't suffer a shortage.

Total gallons: 205

Aged in Stainless Steel

Natural Cork Finish

Time to start putting a date code on the label?


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