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Raspberry Wine Dec. 2017

Jim Sheppard  Feb 3, 2018

This batch of Raspberry Wine fermented quickly, as usual.Rasp spritzer.jpg

Every time we use this fruit to make a wine, I threaten to retro-fit our tanks with cooling jackets.  Keeping the temperatures lower would slow the action down.  Now, it never goes too high.  But, the ferment is so aggresive, and the temperature climbs so rapidly, then suddenly it's done.  I often wonder if the wine would be improved.  Perhaps build more character and complexity.  It has those, do I need more?  Maybe mouth-feel would benefit.  It's tasty and balanced, fruit-forward, delicious.  Leave it alone!

The Raspberry fruit is foremost in taste, wow!  It really knocks your socks off, in a good way.  If you like fresh Raspberries, you will be pleased.  Rich, fruit taste, a nice balance with the alcohol level.  Great wine to use to make a spritzer, since the Raspberry flavor will not be diluted easily.  Nice acidity, around 8.0 mg/L, that's up there.

Pictured: Raspberry Spritzer on ice.

Total Gallons: 216

Aged: in Stainless Steel


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