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Here is a list of the 37 States we can ship our wines to.

We will be adding more States in the future.

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Here is a list of our wines...

Note that all of our wines on average have less than 5% residual sugar, and pair well with appetizers and meals.

Huckleberry - $ 20

We had this unique idea to use only Huckleberries to make our wine, No Grapes Were Harmed, as per our motto.  The results are awesome!  The Huckleberries were picked in the mountains of Idaho by some very plucky people, who fought off bears and claim jumpers, to bring ewe the most sought out berries on the planet!  We hope you will enjoy.

14.0% alc.

Pear - $12

Pear Wine label Order Now

Our Pear Wine this year acquires its flavor from a variety of species; luscious Bartletts, sweet Honeys and crisp Anjous.  We blended them together to create a delightful and well balanced taste.  We were fortunate to harvest any pears, with the short season and fierce competition with the deer.  Cheers to better odds next year. Serve chilled with deer ;)  white meats and spicey foods.

14.0% Alc.

Elderberry - $12

Elderberry Wine Label Order Now

This wine is rich with luscious, local, wild Elderberries.  They're picked just after the first frost, enabling us to take advantage of as much natural sugar from the fruit as we could.  It's an intriguing fruit, having both mystical folklore and pop culture references.  Enjoy it's bold and smoky taste, which pairs well with steak or red sauce.

14% Alc.

Raspberry - $12

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Our Raspberry Wine tastes like raspberries picked fresh from the vine.  Summertime in a bottle anytime!

12% Alc.

Rhubarb - $12

Rhubarb WineOrder Now

Made with local and regional Rhubarb for a refreshing taste. Has medium acidity and tastes similar to a Chardonnay! Chill this one and go cool down on the patio, perfect.

13.5% Alc.

Cranberry - $12

Cranberry WineOrder Now

Outstanding Cranberry taste and zing, with the same balance of fresh Cranberries. High Acidity, great mixer for cocktails and spritzers.

13% Alc.

Enjoy!  Have a great summer in 2016!