Fequently Asked Questions

--> With Answers!!!

The wine is not made from grapes?  Nope. 100% Fruit Wine.

Where did you get the grapes?  See above.

Do you make the wine?  Yes, my wife and I do.

How long did it take to make the wine?  Ferment and aging time total is 6 months.

Can I put your logo on my racecar?  Oh, yeah!

Can you donate a bottle to our raffle?  No, we will issue a gift certificate.

Is your son seeing anyone?  Both have been snatched up!

Can I live in your winery?  Umm, no.

Party at your house?  Anytime.

Is there an alcohol content?  Yes, from 12 to 14% Alcohol by Volume.

Where you buy your wines from?  Pixies.

You only sell one brand?  The Best!

Can this wine be cellered? How long?  Yes, up to 5 years.  Keep the clear bottles away from sunlight.

Can I get a beer?  Not yet, soon.

Can I still get a haircut here?  Our Wine Tasting Room started life as a Barber Shop!

Do you have anything besides fruit wine?  No, we specialize in only Fruit Wines.

Do you use Sulfites?  Yes, but the minimum.  Less than 50 ppm at bottling.

What happened to the boat?  R.I.P., Pete Nicholas, we miss you!

Keep the questions coming!!!